Volunteer committees are the foundation of the CHRS; the role and mandate of the Committees vary depending on their purpose.

Ablation Committee

The vision of the Ablation Committee is Canada-wide communication, data collection and sharing, and education to optimize ablation outcomes and patient care. The Committee seeks to optimize open communication and cooperation across centers performing complex ablations to facilitate new knowledge, best practices, and highest quality control.

Currently, each center separately collects data on procedure volumes, technology use, outcomes, wait times, complications and growth potential; however there lacks a nation-wide repository or analysis method for such data. Rare events related to technology failures or procedural complications will only be identified by compilation of data from many centers.

Chair: Dr. Marc Deyell, 2021-2025

Annual Meeting Planning Committee

The purpose of the Annual Meeting Planning Committee is to develop a premier meeting for Canadian heart rhythm clinicians, researchers and allied professionals, which will serve as a forum for education, research, collaboration and the conduct of members duties to the CHRS. 

The Committee provides a structure to engage members and assess the needs of the community to create a relevant and educational meeting for the members of the Society.

Chair: Dr. Blandine Mond├ęsert, 2022-2024

Education Committee

The Education Committee provides a structure for the administration of the various teaching activities within CHRS and coordinates with members regarding activities in conjunction with HRS, the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress (CCC), the CHRS Annual Meeting and other relevant meetings.

Chair: Dr. Jaimie Manlucu, 2022-2024

Device Nucleus Committee

The Device Nucleus Committee provides a structure for the analysis and communication with manufacturers of heart rhythm devices and provide updates on advisories.

The Committee is responsible for initial contact for advisories from companies; quick availability for contact, assessment, and collaboration; develop/distribute recommendations post advisories; liaise with Health Canada when necessary regarding advisories; and responsive to community for device issues (suspected vulnerabilities on other devices).

Chair: Dr. Jason Andrade, 2021-2025

Device Strategy Committee

The Device Strategy Committee provides a structure for future research and development in new technologies in terms of devices and guidance.

The Committee is responsible for clinical guidance, guidelines and position statements for device therapy and patient management issues; developing, carrying out and networking research on CIEDs; develop a network for collaboration in device-based research; development of guidelines for device therapy (e.g.ICD guidelines, MRI protocols); and work with CHRS, CANET, and outreach to HRS.

Chair: Dr. Jacqueline Joza, 2022-2024

Research Committee

The vision of the Research Committee is optimal delivery of care and optimal patient outcomes enabled by creation of knowledge its translation into best practices, and evaluation of outcomes in the field of heart rhythm disorders.

The Committee aims to promote, foster, and facilitate high quality research so as to improve the care of patients with heart rhythm disorders through creation of knowledge and its translation into best practices.

Chair: Dr. Ratika Parkash, 2023-2025

Nominations & Awards Committee

The Nominations and Awards Committee prepares a slate of candidates for vacant Board positions & proposes nominees to the CHRS Board of Directors for the CHRS Achievement Award, AHP Achievement Award and Magdy Basta Award.

Chair: Dr. Laurence Sterns, 2022-2024

Scientific and Clinical Documents Committee

The purpose of the Scientific and Clinical Documents Committee is to develop clinical practice documents for device therapy and patient management issues in collaboration and partnership with other professional medical societies. Clinical practice documents include clinical practice guidelines, expert consensus statements, position statements (scientific and clinical competency), and task force policy statements.

Chair: Dr. John Saap, 2023-2025

Member Communications Committee

The Member Communications Committee develops and improves communications and networking between CHRS and CHRS members and other rhythm Societies.

Chair: Dr. Chris Cheung, 2021-2025