Allied Health Professionals

Allied Health Professionals (AHP) is a multi-disciplinary group within the CHRS. Our membership includes: Registered Nurses, EP Technologists, Device Technologists, Research Coordinators, Genetic Counselors, Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists and Academic Institutions Instructors. 

As AHP members of CHRS, our goals are to:

  • Encourage and provide opportunity for networking, sharing information and knowledge translation within the AHP community.
  • Support educational and research opportunities within the AHP community.
  • Lead and collaborate in the development of clinical guidelines and standards of care to support AHP practice.
  • Support the development and inclusion of sub-specialty groups within CHRS to improve clinical practice and patient outcomes.
  • Share best practices and resources aimed at enhancing patient care.
  • Ensure timely access to information and current events related to arrhythmia care.
  • Engage young colleagues to participate in the CHRS mission and shape the future generation.

Yearly AHP activities include a luncheon at the CHRS Annual Meeting, didactic webinars and an education session at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress (CCC). 

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Canadian Atrial Fibrillation clinic Nursing Alliance (CAFcNA)

CAFcNA is a sub-specialty network of the AHP group. CAFcNA members are atrial fibrillation (AF) clinicians (either Registered Nurses or Nurse Practitioners) across Canada who work in a specialized AF clinic and/or has clinical expertise in arrhythmia care of AF patients. This nursing group was developed after working on a nationwide project together. Several of the clinicians were interested in keeping a networking relationship to facilitate support and resource sharing opportunities given similar interests in AF care.

Vision: Optimizing AF care within the specialty AF programs in Canada.

Mission: To provide a networking relationship with other AF specialist in Canada and to share AF care resources that can improve clinical practice and patient outcomes.


  • Specialized expertise in AF care and real world clinical experience.
  • Honest, respectful and transparent relationships with all clinicians.
  • Support and encourage research activities that optimize systems for patients and care providers.
  • Foster innovative and creative ideas to promote nursing leadership of all group members.


  • Promotion, collaboration and utilization of AF guidelines while incorporating best practice strategies in clinical care of AF patients throughout Canada.
  • Members of the group can share their own clinical tools and resources from their own institution. 
  • Members can propose/support/participate in specialized projects or research study that foster the advancement of clinical practice in AF care/management 
  • Members of the group can be a resource to each other. 

List of AF Clinics in Canada