The CHRS hosts a quarterly webinar series to provide members with timely and relevant educational resources. 

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We are always looking for volunteers and ideas on speakers and topics. Please contact us if you are interested in participating.



AFC Arrhythmia Webinar Curriculum 

The CHRS Education Committee is pleased to provide a series of pre-recorded AFC Arrhythmia Webinars. 

The AFC Arrhythmia Webinar Curriculum was introduced in April 2020. We continue to develop our educational resources. Links to new recordings will be posted here and to the CHRS TimedRight Community. 

March 2021

Ventricular Tachycardia
Are all Wide Complex Tachycardias the Same?, presented by Dr. Paul Dorian

September 2020

Complex Atrial Arrhythmias
Medical Management of AF in the Era of Catheter Ablation, presented by Dr. Allan Skanes

EP Education Curriculum and the AFC Process
AFC in Adult Cardiac Electrophysiology, presented by Dr. Katherine Kavanagh

June 2020

Supraventricular Arrhythmias
Long RP SVT: What's the Big Deal?, presented by Dr. George (Yorgo) Veenhuyzen

April 2020

Basics of Electrophysiology
My Approach to EP Tracing, presented by Dr. Martin Green

Coming Soon 

Device Implantation
Tips for Safe Device Implantation 

Imaging in Electrophysiology
Fluoroscopic Landmarks 

Devices and Cardiomyopathies
NICM and ICDs: Where are We Now 

Sudden Death and Important Genetic Syndromes
Cardiogenetics 101 

Autonomic Disorders
POTS: Whats the Arrhythmia Specialist To Do? 

How to Handle Conflict in the EP Lab 



CHRS Member Webinars

Left Bundle Branch Pacing Webinar, Session 2

March 2021
Presented by: Dr. Jacqueline Joza and Dr. Atul Verma


Left Bundle Branch Pacing Webinar, Session 1

October 2020
Presented by: Dr. Jacqueline Joza and Dr. Atul Verma


CHRS Webinar Archive

The CHRS quarterly lecture series dates back to 2014. All archived videos are accessible through the CHRS TimedRight online community.

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