Travel Grants

CHRS members involved in EP research, masters' students, undergrad students and Allied Health Professionals are highly encouraged to apply for a CHRS travel grant.

Limited funds are available for supplementation of the costs of travel/accommodation for Basic Science Researchers, Trainees and Allied Health Professionals wishing to attend the CHRS Annual Meeting. Criteria for eligibility for such funds are that the applicant be a CHRS member, and:

  • presenting an abstract/poster at the CHRS Annual Meeting; or
  • engaged in heart rhythm/arrhythmia research; or
  • looking to forge or solidify collaborations with clinical partners in the area of arrhythmia research.
1. Which category best describes you?
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5. Are you receiving any other source of funding to attend the meeting?
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Click the the SUBMIT button below to finalize your travel grant submission.

Travel grants must be requested prior to attendance at the Annual Meeting. Candidates will be advised in advance if a grant has been awarded.

Travel grants shall be awarded on a first come, first granted basis. Once the annual funds have been depleted, subsequent requests will be declined.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact the CHRS at (613) 569-3407 Ext. 418 or by E-Mail at